Global Collaborations

It’s been a busy time gathering all the collaborators into a single group, deciding on the fabrics to send and getting the individual parcels ready.

A mindful moment with the shantung silk as a whole piece before it was divided was an essential connection between me and the fabric to the hands it’s going to be in once they arrive.

I wanted to connect the fabric with the earth and with the air and so these images show a sense of flight and freedom before they are parcelled in to the envelops and sealed for their journey.

Creating little bundles of the fabrics with a piece of eco-dyed cotton and a windfall button was a mindful afternoon of quiet contemplation. Little knots tied by my hands to be untied by theirs.

The local post office was a great place to send out the envelopes- they will all come back through this post office before being delivered to my home- so it’s an important part of the journey.

I’ve been sharing the process and each step of the journey with a new Facebook Group I have set up specifically for the collaboration group. 102 women from 28 countries. Now all connected with one small common goal. It was a delight to see the posts of the envelopes arriving the following morning. This one is so beautifully pictures in the Highlands of Scotland.

I am keen to know how long it will take for each person to receive their envelops?

What’s been so clear is the joy, engagement and total commitment to the project I’ve been shown by my collaborators. I can’t wait to see what I get through the post box.

This project is showing me so much about myself along the way and highlighting the areas of interest and intrigue I have always had and can now actualise. I have always loved maps and now I am noticing maps everywhere I go. Feeling so much connection with more places in the world.

So the hard work at this end is now completed for this part of the project. I will continue to engage and bring dialogue and interest to the group, but will turn my attention to developing my own botanical print designs. That is until I start to receive the returned silks and botanical prints.

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