Moving forward

It’s been a time of reflection and review. Looking back over the last 18 months of work and research to begin the process of narrowing down the areas I want to pursue for this extended period of study. There are many elements of the practice and work I’ve been achieving which I want to take forward, but I’m told that more success comes from filtering out the ideas and going forward with what I feel will be my best work.  Without doubt the most successful project has been the global collaboration, The World Wide Weave . This brought together eco-dyers from across the world and a large piece of textile art was created, it holds so many messages and meanings and is a piece dedicated to the group of women who worked together to bring it to existence. It was and continues to be a global message and it’s current on its travels and being exhibited in Tasmania. It is this project management and coorodination which has been a strength and which I feel can be allowed to shine in the final masters project. I have already begun to put out feelers for a new collabotrion and have had considerable interest.  For this project, I would like to focus on the eco-printing or botanical printing and bring together the main elements that will show off the signtures of the botanical print community. This feels really exciting and I know that the buzz around the project is creating more connections across the globe. For this to be truely successful I will need to look at every angle that this work will bring with it and embed the context within contemporary textiles and the socio-political climate that we face with in the global textiles industries.

Details of the worldwide weave sampler

I will be researching the elements of narrative within cloth and looking at textile artists who also tell a story through their cloth. Looking at patchwork and multi parted textiles, like boro and the practice of stitching cloth for mindfulness and wellbeing.

Bringing together global creativity and moments in time. Contrast of home and away which will form the link between the plants around my own living space and those used around the world. Connections of nature captured in cloth. India Flint’s work will greatly influence this line of enquiry. Looking at current fashion designer like Issey M and the trends in textiles and aligning my work with contemporary textile artist and designers. If time allows I’m keen to create a lager sample of cloth that can be used to upholster a chair I have been saving for his purpose. Time and negotiation on this are still in discussion.

While the seasons progress through winter, spring and summer I will be gathering samples of plants that grow within my home grounds and researching the printed and possibilities with various processes. Infusing the essence of the plants onto cloth and documenting the outcomes in a textile publication. Something like a reference book for botanical print. This will also be another way to pull the global community together and I will ensure there is enough cloth for a ‘global textile book’ where the community can share their work within this publication. Bringing together a link between the healing benefits of plants and the comfort of textiles.

Winter view of my back garden

The other elements of my work will focus on colour and memory. Looking at artist who use colour to represent dates and moments in time. Colours that impact on emotions and memories and linking this to my own autobiography in a woven cloth.

Using natural dyes I aim to create a colour palette for the years of my life and weave a piece which will be a reflective, healing and celebration of colour and life.

Naturally dyed palette using cochineal, logwood, madder, weld and reeds.

Once I have my palette I will then conduct a series of diary weaves capturing shorter moments of time and expression of feeling -drawing on the Saori weaving philosophy and looking to Anni Albers for further inspiration, along with other textile artists who have used weaving or stitching as a form of diary.

Does this feel like the best I can do? From where I’m standing I think it will be a fantastic journey into personal and global textiles.

Time to get started.

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